Monday, October 1, 2012

ZILF! Zombie I'd Like to F*ck!

 A couple of years ago, my then 11 year old daughter went to an anime convention.  She had a pocket full of birthday money and wanted to do some shopping.  She is also one of those rare kids that thinks more about others than herself, so when she saw this t-shirt of a Marilyn Monroe zombie with the word "ZILF" below it, she knew it was the perfect thing for her dad.  I loved that shirt, and thought the concept was both cool and funny.  I'd been thinking about designing my own ever since, and just last month finally got around to it.  

 My ZILF! is based more on Betty Page, who I favor only slightly more than Marilyn Monroe.  I decided also to get more into creating setting for the figures that I draw, again designing more toward the merchandise and less toward just the art.  The result is three new products at Creative Oddities Studios, each with three different versions, depending on how afraid you are of breasts; nude for those who have no fear, pasties for those who like breasts but think nipples are the mark of the beast, and a bikini-top for those who feel that breasts should be tied-down lest they escape and reap havoc upon the villagers.  The t-shirt comes in mens' sizes from small to 3X and start at $22.99.  The sticker is 3X5" and are $3.99 each, and the posters are 23X35" at $19.99. 

all the cool kids will be wearing this to school.
The chicks will know you're suave with this on your wall.

With this sticker you can take your ZILF! with you.