Thursday, June 28, 2012

Austin Art Boards Submission

 I think I have talked about trying to get into the local art-scene here in Austin, Texas in past blogs.  It's not really that difficult.  All you really need to do is show-up and participate.  Lately, I have found myself busy with so many other priorities that doing something as simple as showing-up and participating just hasn't happened the way I might like.

 For roughly a year now, I have noticed numerous billboards around the city featuring art work instead of ads.  Austin is known for this kind of thing; you can read poetry on the signage while you ride the bus.  I thought it was just another city-commissioned project and didn't think much more about it.  The, around June 23rd, I started to notice some new signs:

Submit Your Art
Deadline, June 29th

 Well, not that exactly, but you get the idea.  This organization was having a call for artists.  They must have had a call for artists last year, I missed it... And I was about to miss it again.  I came up with a concept almost immediately; a female-DJ shown from a skewed-perspective at a turntable as dancing silhouettes partied in front of the Austin skyline.  I just had to make time during the next 6 days to bring the concept to fruition.

 The girl, of course, was the easy part.  I know next-to-nothing about DJ turntables and equipment, which I am certain is obvious from her set-up.  The silhouettes and the skyline took more effort, with the music and the bats being added as the image developed.  The required format, 6x24", was a bit awkward.  I look at it and it still looks "off" to me because of its size.  

 Still, my circle of friends approved, and it was off to the printers.  I could have submitted a digital-file, but the guidelines strongly suggested that a print would be the way to go.  80% of the selected entries last year were submitted as prints... something about the judges being able to see the textures.  Actually, one of the sponsors offered a discount for printing and another met the other requirement; mounting and matting, so it was in the best interests of those sponsoring the project that the artist availed themselves of local printing and formatting services.

 But, what are you going to do?

 While I was submitting my piece, another artist came in with their own.  Pressed for time, I didn't strike-up a conversation with the guy, but his submission was truly bad-ass.  They are selecting several for display on billboards around town, and all will be displayed at, but I found myself thinking how cool it would be to see his art on a billboard around town.

 Anyhoo, if my piece is one of the pieces selected, you'll see a picture of me in front of it here in the future. Check out the Austin Art Boards link, and look for my pic in front of my billboard if I get selected right here in the future.