Friday, May 18, 2012

Jason Sorrell Coloring Book for Adults


 Hey, kids! Start jumping up-and-down like idiots!

 The Jason Sorrell Coloring Book for Adults is here!  It is 98 pages, 72 of which feature a single image created by Jason Sorrell representing a decade of erotic, demonic, and tattoo design.  Mr. Sorrell wanted to collect the best of his work in one volume, but given the costs or producing a full-color book and his tattoo-oriented formatting (line-art), he wasn't certain how to approach the project.  A night of binge-drinking with friends lead him to his on this idea... a coloring book for adults!  

 Now, this is unlike any coloring book you had as a kid.  First, this is not newsprint.  No, this is premium white paper stock, pristine enough to be added directly to your collection of art tomes.  Jason also takes the time in the back of the book to tell you a little about each image and about his creative process, something the truly masochistic will appreciate.  
 Oh, and of course the art work is monsters, demons, breasts, and other naughty-bits not appropriate for children.  You'll love it!
 Get yourself two copies; one to color and one to keep on your shelf.  Put something interesting on your 'fridge!
 Get yours for $10.99 plus shipping and handling at

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