Saturday, March 3, 2012

Zombie Girls: Dead Girls Don't Say "No"

 The reigning best-selling sticker at Creative Oddities Studios happens to be the little beauty on the left there.   It is called "Dead Girls Don't Say 'No'", a concept that was inspired by a t-shirt promoting the band "Cradle of Filth".  I actually created 2 versions, one nude and one wearing a black bikini.  I expected the clothed version to sell better than the nude (most people are squeamish about displays of nudity in pop-art), but the nude sticker is the only sticker that has actually sold.  It seems most popular to buyers in the UK.

 Crazy, right?

 I couldn't even begin to tell you why it is so popular.  I look at it now and all I see are problems I wish to correct, a common malady of all artists, or so I've been told.  Given that I have been in a zombie-drawing streak, I'll probably release and updated version in the near future.  My girlfriend asked what it is about zombie-girls that I find appealing.

 Honestly, I'm not certain.

 My first response is that the concept is simply humorous in a titillating fashion.  There's the juxtaposition of corrupted beauty (scars, bite marks), sexual appeal (nudity, femininity), and danger (zombies eat the flesh/brains of the living).  Humor, I have heard, is mostly about surprise.  Sexually attractive rotting killing machines is an unusual combination.

 My first encounter with a female zombie in fiction was the film Return of the Living Dead 3.  My drawing of the zombie-girl from that film can be found in my "Beloved Dead" post in this blog.  The zombie in Return of the Living Dead 3 was extremely sexually appealing as well as at times violent.  I believe that some probably find that mixture appealing.  There is also an aspect of tragic-love in the mix; despite this seemingly indomitable handicap (your lover is dead and likes to eat living brains) you manage to stay by her side and care for her.  It's like Romeo and Juliet with a twist.
 Drawing zombie-girls also presented a means to step away from drawing demon-girls.  Don't get me wrong, I love demon-girls, but there seems to be a limited appeal to them among my fans.  Granted, the appeal of zombie-girls is also limited, but the combined demographics are broader with the zombie-girls having a slightly larger fan-base.

 Don't ask me why.

 Above is my next zombie-girl design.  I made this exclusively for the purpose of acknowledging my friends' birthdays on Facebook and elsewhere.  I got the idea to share a little example of what I do in a birthday greeting from the musicians of "A Fallen Mind" who sent to me a birthday song on my birthday that was hilarious.  The birthday greeting is usually accepted positively, though I wonder what some people's family members think when they see my zombie-girl posted on their relative's wall. 

 One of the things I found disappointing about the first design was that it did not translate well to a t-shirt.  I've been slow to do t-shirt designs because of the limitations of my printing resource, which is 10X10" max printed dead center of the shirt.  Most of my designs, even at 10" high, are only a few inches wide, resulting in something that reminds me of Iron Man's chest piece.  I have been working on a few designs which are more horizontal and formatted to be situated in the top-half of that 10" square.

 The latest version of "Dead Girls Don't Say 'No'" is the first of these shirt-specific designs to be released.  I decided that 3 figures would help spread out the design, and to align the text to the side of the figures (the vertical alignment would have resulted in the image being smaller and still dead-center... no pun intended).  The two figures on either side were almost simple silhouettes with glowing eyes, but drawing all the figures seems to have been the better way to go.

 Even though the nude sticker design has been the most popular, I am thinking that most people would be less keen to wear a nude image on their shirts, if only because wearing such a shirt becomes less practical for display in certain places.  So, I am offering two versions of the design, one nude and one "clothed".  Sure, they are clothed in skimpy fetish lingerie, but they are clothed.  And, while I do see how clothing on zombie-girls takes an already ridiculous concept to a whole new level of unbelievability, it is more appealing than torn jeans and blood-stained t-shirts.  The shirts are available as men and women's t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, and pull-over hoodies.

 The next design I have in mind? Beauty and BRAAIIINNSSS!

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