Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If You're Not Friends with Jason Sorrell or Following Creative Oddities Studios on Facebook, You Should Be!

  Last year, on my birthday, I received hundreds of birthday well-wishes from friends and family on Facebook.  One of the coolest birthday well-wishes I received was from A Fallen Mind.  I don't want to say that A Fallen Mind is a band, as it seems to be mainly just one guy making music (although he has a female vocalist and a guitar player on board for some tracks).  I also don't want to say that he is a musician.  He is a musician, but that is not all that is done under the A Fallen Mind banner.  You'll have to just click the link and check it out.

 Anyhoo, he sent me a video of a birthday song A Fallen Mind put together.  "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOTHERFUCKER!" was hilarious.  It also got me thinking.  Instead of just saying "Happy Birthday" in some generic message on my wall, this guy sent me something that used my birthday as an opportunity to showcase what it is they do.  I decided that I needed to do something like that for Creative Oddities Studios.

 So, I put the above design together.  While I was working on this ( I started it after the 1st week of January), I threw together a temporary design using the "Tattoo Freaks" design that those who follow my Subdermal Blog are familiar with.  I am much happier with this zombie-fetish design, and I am just waiting for someone to have a birthday so I can put it on their wall. 

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