Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Digital Madness: The Art of TC Downey

 Art, throughout history, has always involved the creative use of the tools of the day to make something aesthetically pleasing, communicative, or representational.  There seems to be an instinct in us to create art, or at least to manipulate our environment.  We seek to make a mark, an impact on the world around us that validates our presence in it.  Children at play in a sandbox will quickly draw images in the sand with their finger-tips.  Primitive man discovered that the juices of certain berries stained their skin and other objects.  The artist has always been limited only by his tools, and with the development of new tools came the creation of new forms of art.  

 I am comparatively a dinosaur next to TC Downey and his work.  What little I do with the digital tools I have is only used to enhance what I do with traditional media.  Mr. Downey creates work digitally that is light-years ahead of where I sit drawing with sticks and pigments.  His work goes beyond simple photo-manipulation which is even now being hailed as a wonder in art galleries across the world.  Mr. Downey's work is not simply manipulation of an image, but is the creation of something new.

 I am impressed by his work on several levels.  Mr. Downey shares in my interest in the erotic and the grotesque.  His work, however, involves subtle distortions of the object depicted that create within the viewer an emotional response.  You can feel the tension, the pull, as described in the Voidial Pull piece, and the earthy weight expressed in Zodiak.  It is intentionally subtle, which is why it works.  

 Mr. Downey has a natural eye for composition, both in the arrangement, the color-scheme, and the layered effects he uses.  Digital media allows for the artist to compose a piece through layer and texture in a manner that has never before been available, and Mr. Downey is a master of this process.  Each of his pieces has a depth created through contrasting layers and textures, drawing the viewer deeper into the fantastic landscape he describes.  His work also embraces the electronic media; featuring and making use of its obvious digital origin rather than trying to disguise it as a traditional technique or to minimize it through realism.  These images are infused with the electrical energies of the tools which generated them.

 Creative Oddities Studios is proud to have been chosen as the caretaker of these incredible works, and we are looking forward to making them available to the market in a format that does them justice.  Visit Mr. Downey's gallery on the Creative Oddities Studios web-site to see our collection of his art and the merchandise that we offer featuring his work.

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