Saturday, June 25, 2011

Julie Zombie

 I am a zombie-film junkie, and back when I was a kid no two movie affected me more than "Return of the Living Dead" and "Return of the Living Dead 3" (I don't even think I have seen "2").  I really digged RDL3 because of Julie, the zombie-girlfriend.  Not only the idea of having a sexy girl who is into radical body-modification, but as a zombie she could do all my ass-kicking for me.  There are problems, like her appetite for brains and the fact that she is dead (necrophilia is not my cup-of-tea), but the pros outweigh the cons.

 This was done (obviously) in pencil, probably my medium of choice.  Unlike most of my work, this took a few days to get to this stage.  I am certain I will be touching it up for weeks to come.  The planning stages of this piece took months, mainly because of how booked I am with commissions and tattoos.

The process builds-up, basically.  I started with a sketch, what I consider basic drawing.  Once the sketch is established, the shading that creates the form is akin to sculpting.  You build the forms, using darker tones to push things back and removing tones to bring things forward.  Everything gets covered with graphite as I draw, so highlights have to be introduced with an eraser.  On this piece I used a 6h, 4h, 2h, 2b, and ebony pencils as well as a knead-able and standard eraser.  It was done on an 11X14" bristol board (fairly standard for me).

  I am thinking about doing a painting of Trash from RLD next.

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