Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tattooed Freaks

 I did my first "Tattooed Freaks" image a few years ago.  It didn't quite have the impact that I wanted... a girl with blue-skin, four-eyes, and a tattoo.  Topless of course, but not much else going for it.  The banner, a common theme in tattoo art, doesn't have very much 'zing' to it.  I super-imposed one of my old tattoo designs on her shoulder.  I thought that was a cool use of my mad photoshop skills. 

 By the way, this image is BEFORE I started doing my own "die-cut" to my stickers.  Yep, you used to be able to get this on my Cafe Press shop, a 3X5" sticker just like that right there... rectangular.  Now, when you buy a sticker from Creative Oddities Studios directly, the sticker is cut to shape.  

 Almost like we're professionals and shit.

 Then I had the idea of this little honey... I am certain inspired by that mutant from "Total Recall", a flick I haven't seen in years.  Even though that third breast was obviously fake, as a young teen seeing that movie on the big-screen the idea of THREE boobies was burned in to my psyche.  Mutants are HOT!

 I have long associated tattoo-art with the carnival and the carney life-style... though I am certain I romanticize that life a bit.  Tattoos and the weird, edgy, alien carney-concept... a little scarey, raw, and exhilarating... just seem to go together.  There is a sense of the strange and unusual... or at least that was the case before just about everyone decided that they wanted a tattoo.  

 Thank you all for wanting and getting tattoos.  I love my customers!

 I have considered doing more "tattooed freaks", but I am not certain what deformities I want to use.  I would want them to continue to be alien, like this girl above.  We'll see what I come up with.

 This image is available as a sticker and on a skateboard deck at the main site: http://www.creativeodditiesstudios.com

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