Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Something New

 This is currently my fourth blog.  Must be the masochist in me.

 Everyday, we here at Creative Oddities Studios get email from "fans" (sometimes very angry "fans" who suggest we place things painfully into inappropriate orifices) suggesting ideas, making requests, or otherwise telling us what they would like to see from us in the future. Not tens, not hundreds, but often ones of emails everyday!

 We love our fan... I mean, fans.

 Anyhoo, when we get these requests, we usually ignore them.  Oh, sometimes I will send them out to the crew here because we all like a good chuckle now and then, but usually... SPFFT!.. nothing.

 But this one idea rolled in, suggesting that we do a blog featuring our artwork as well as our thoughts on the pieces and providing a way for our fans to comment as well.  I thought this was a brilliant ideas.

 In fact, ignore that last paragraph.  It IS a brilliant idea, and I came up with it.  Its mine, all mine.  I am a FREAKIN' GENIUS!

 So, follow, subscribe, or basically frequent this blog.  I will be posting the artwork of TC Downey, Vanessa Lei, and myself, and telling you a little about the piece.  I will be making announcements about new merchandise and events.  

 And best of all, YOU get to share your comments with not only us, but all our other fans as well.  The three of you have a lot in common.  It is about time that you got to know one another.

 Thanks for watching.

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