Tuesday, May 17, 2011


 I am going to dig out some of the older "Hooked" pieces and display them on this blog.  The first few are really, really bad, but you will see how this idea has progressed.

  I don't know why I find this concept so engrossing.  I actually drew the first version of this image more than a decade ago when I was the third-shift manager of a 24-hour gas-station.  I intentionally chose that job in what was just the edge of a rough part of town to see what kind of crazy shit goes down around there at night.  I did quite a bit of drawing in the wee hours of the morning, and began exploring BDSM art at that time.

 The first "Hooked" thrilled some of the police officers that would come in early and get some coffee.  They were are young guys like myself (did I mention this was a decade ago?), and we had a lot of common interests.  They knew that I drew some crazy stuff, and were always asking if I had some new work.  What is really funny is that at the same time I made a fair income drawing portraits.  By day, I was drawing people's wives, mothers, and children.  By night, I was putting a hook into a girl's ass (in art) and cavorting with twisted, leather-bound demons.

 Now, keep in mind that this was being done at four in the morning, and I was dating a bitch from hell at the time.  I don't get the scythe, but thought the nipple jewelry was cool as are the tattoos.  "Primal Aesthetic" was an old art-group I organized.  All that discoloration is part of the actual image as it is today... fucking ancient!  Way back then, I thought this was hot shit.  Now, I am almost embarrassed to show it.

 This next piece was done for one of my earliest and most loyal fans... and now a good friend and fellow-artist, TC Downey.  TC enjoyed both my demon girls and my BDSM pieces.  The concept was his idea.  There used to be a color-version of this piece... TC might still have it.  The brand was a design he sent me, probably the toughest element I had to render in this piece.  There are some proportion issues here, just slight issues.  I dig the way the girl seems to be supported by the rig, and the angle is more adventurous than my first use of a hook.

 I re-created the original on bristol board, developing the style a bit and applying a more practiced hand at what I was doing.  At this point, the image lacked the same impact for me artistically that the original had.  It seemed novel to me originally, but the second image just kind of cleaned-up what I had already done in the first.  I was starting to think about other techniques and even different angles than the straight-on images I had created up until then.

 Looking at it now, there are still some proportion issues, but it is much improved over the original.  When I set out to do this one, it was just something I had to do to make up for the first one that I saw as a great idea... only poorly executed.  The beginnings of the Manning leather high-lighting is in this image, though not as fully as my more recent BDSM pieces.

 Despite the explicit nature of the work, I had shied away from being overtly explicit.  Clearly, there is a hook going somewhere in the first two images, but where exactly I left up to the viewer's imagination.  In the third piece, I got over my squeamishness.  This was a few years and several even more racy images later.

 I really like the contortion on this one, but a part of me prefers the idea that the girl is actually hanging on the hook rather than supporting her weight with her legs.  Also, the head on this one looks a little too large to me, and despite the difference in angle it does have the same visual impact as "Worm's Eye View" or "For Nooserman" which use some extreme angles.

  Looking at it again here tonight, it might be something I return to in the future, working the contortion into an image that is more proportionately satisfying and visually extreme.  That might be some time to come, however, because I am fairly satisfied with the latest "Hooked" piece.

This new piece incorporates some of the corrections I wanted to make in the last piece.  I think that the angle is satisfying and that the proportions are correct.  It lacks the dynamic contortion in the last piece, but you can't always have it all.

 This piece is more suggestive of actually hanging, although if and when I do my next "Hooked" image, I will probably exaggerate how her weight is being supported by the hook rather than the rest of the rig she is in.  I also used the leather high-lighting I picked up from the work of Michael Manning to add some additional visual interest.  I am still not completely satisfied with this piece, but it seems to be coming along.

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