Tuesday, May 31, 2011


 Having drawn so many women in a predicament that left them at a disadvantage, I thought this would be a nice role-reversal.
 Fore-shortening, perspective where an object or objects reaches into the foreground and stretches back at almost eye-level, is always a challenge.  The gun, hands and arms, and her body all are fore-shortened to create the illusion that she is above the viewer and pointing the gun right in your face.  I tried to use the black to increase this perspective with three horizontal areas; her shorts being the widest, follower by her armbands, and finally her lipstick and the shadow on her throat.  The distances between these areas is also meant to help re-enforce the illusion, with the distance between her shorts and armbands being greater than the distance between her armbands and lips.
 The black bar in the background is meant to balance out the image, especially with so little black on her head.

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